Necklace or Belt

Beautiful gold coin belt purchased on the streets of charming Venezuela.
No one really needs to know this luxurious looking piece was truly meant to be a belt and not exactly a necklace.
Our secret.


Winter Wonderland

Christmas came and went but winter is here to stay.
Cheap Monday helping out handle these cold weather days.


Skinny skinny rings

New favourite accessory: skinny rings
Biggest ring fanatic right here: bulky, odd, colourful, bold, different and now skinny.
Inspiration: Christian Dior's bois de rose line

Skinny ring collection: two for starters - more soon to come.
P.S Please ignore chipped nails.


Rebirth of the Jean Shirt

Reminiscing 2010: The rebirth of the Jean Shirt
A clothing article all must own these days.
I look back at 2010 and already I'm going what were we/I thinking but then I looked in my closet, saw my jean shirt and thought to myself " but I still love you".
2010, you brought some lovely things to my closet - and some unspeakable.


Happy New Year, Stella

Because some of us can't get enough of Stella McCartney. A new year with the same great smell of Stella.

let me just add that I may even have the roll on perfume stick for my handbag. I enjoy every compliment I receive when wearing this scent. I like to think Stella makes me irresistible. Thank you Stella.
Any other perfumes I should give a chance to?