Red and Dix

Reasons for less blogging:
-nasty winter's cold.

Recuperating and got myself out of sweats and back out into the public with some decent attire. However, still wearing my mothers warm red cardigan.

Even whilst fighting the nasty cold, I like to think there is still a classic flare lurking within me.

Staying home also allowed me to do a mini clean up and I found an extra ticket to a the Otto Dix exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts that I never got a chance to use. Seen the show three times, and would have loved to go see it again. Not a good find- sad find.


The Classic Black Boots

A little less snow after a frightful winter's storm.
Time for some wedged classic booties to revisit the Montreal sidewalks.
With any luck, no secret black ice.
And a little floral engraved design; in anticipation for the spring season.