Xmas: Miu Miu wallet

Good day Miuccia Prada. Nice to finally own a part of you.


Holiday Cuff

A little Christmas accessorizing and not too over the top - yes, please.

all time favourite cuff: screams holidays to me.


Marc Jacobs studs

The new additions to Cassandra's jewelry box: a pair of Marc Jacobs stud earrings. Thank you Net-a-Porter for selling me such beauts but you'll make me go broke one day - I easily foresee it.

or here is a better view, straight from the source:


Round Round Round

It may be a white and cold winter day here in Montreal but that won't stop me to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses.
New hype: the circle sunglasses.

Waiting For The Sun


The Row

or just some vintage pair.


Giovanna and Cuff

Giovanna Battaglia. Beauty. Fashion icon of the century.

But can we please acknowledge the cuff on her wrist. Simple and classic white outfit with an original and artistic touch - the cuff. Very basic wooden cuff with what seems like an alligator. It's all in the details and the creativeness, of course.

photo courtesy of Jak & Jil Blog


"Wear Me". "Buy Me"

Article of the week (actually must-have of the week):

Delettrez, you're only twenty-two and your work is filled with grandiose originality, empowerment, extravagance and simply beautiful. Objects associated with grotesque imagery are beautified in the most unusual way- but it works. It works to the point its making myself going goo-goo. Clearly having an eye for the world of jewellery, your pieces scream ever so loudly in an extremely pleasant way. The fashion world, at times, is the epitome of an oxymoron, proven here.

Members of the Fendi household, you've captured my heart this season.

image from style.com


Must Must Must Have S/S Acessory

And that would be the Fendi link bracelets. The over-sized chain bracelets are must haves for the following year - or now! Colorful, bold and unique, these bracelets will have all eyes on your wrists. Matched with watches, bringing out the colors of these link bracelets, it also brings out the multi-event aspect of the link bracelet; for an evening out for martini's with the ladies to simply enjoying a picnic during the summer heat in the Old port of Montreal - I can envision it now.

The shoes and handbags are another must-have from the collection. Fendi shines this season with all its accessories - and its going to kill me and my not so large wallet.


Le Premier

It was a lovely night and my nikon, myself and a good friend took a long stroll in our suburb. I kind of forgot what it looked like. I do not miss this area and I am glad that all that is captured is the dark sky. My outfit does not resemble the looks and attire found trailing on the streets in this neck of the woods, and it feels damn great do be wearing it. It something so simple but yet so different. Its only the beginning.
shirt: H&M
sunglasses: RAYBANS (vintage)


Nouveau Depart

Recently, I got my hands on a Nikon, a compulsive purchase, and have been spending some major coin on outfits. Having fun creating, mix matching and imagining ensembles as well as simple findings are things I feel a need to share. I guess it is now my turn to share this through blogging.
It is years I have this blog; with no motivation behind it. I have decided to change that.