"Wear Me". "Buy Me"

Article of the week (actually must-have of the week):

Delettrez, you're only twenty-two and your work is filled with grandiose originality, empowerment, extravagance and simply beautiful. Objects associated with grotesque imagery are beautified in the most unusual way- but it works. It works to the point its making myself going goo-goo. Clearly having an eye for the world of jewellery, your pieces scream ever so loudly in an extremely pleasant way. The fashion world, at times, is the epitome of an oxymoron, proven here.

Members of the Fendi household, you've captured my heart this season.

image from style.com


Joll Burr said...

so stunning ring! bling so much! great choice!

xo, Joll

Z--- said...

loove the sunglasses!!!xx